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Explore the Mansion, the Graveyard, and the Dungeon in this third-person adventure game. 

In the Mansion, possess other creatures to solve the level's puzzles while being heckled by Dylan Dome. 

Summon minions to do  your bidding in the Graveyard and defeat the Lich. 

Keep your wits about you in the Dungeon as you traverse the treacherous paths with advanced movement mechanics.

Haunted is a Third-person game built by the Game Design III class of Fall '22 .

Mansion Levels

  1. Nicole Hagedorn
  2. Alex Smith
  3. Ian Weaver
  4. Cameron Allen

Graveyard Levels

  1. Bill Binter
  2. Justin Mills
  3. Riley Carpenter
  4. AJ Gomez
  5. Jenny Dominguez Reyes

Dungeon Levels

  1. Zach Hawkins
  2. Alex Kirk
  3. Cameron Huckleberry
  4. Ann Weaver
  5. Bryce Richardson
Github Admin and Main Menu Level
  1. Professor Foster

Source code is available on Github.


Haunted 1-0_WIN.zip 882 MB

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